Good morning world!

So sometime this week Facebook decided to give us new “Like” buttons. Yfacebook likesAY!

The new faces are: boring thumbs up, a heart, a surprised face, a I-can’t-believe-I-just-read-that face, a tear face (SAD!), and an angry face (MY FAVE).

I only realized Facebook had added these new buttons yesterday evening when people were adding weird hearts to the like section of my posts… WHAT IS GOING ON?? I thought. And then Facebook answered, as it always does, with many of my friends sharing the new Facebook like buttons news. YES!

This may not be considered “nerdy” but it certainly demonstrates my odd behaviors and quirky reactions to the world and the “norm.”

For instance, every night once my husband climbs into bed he will proceed to plug in his phone and put hand lotion on (I don’t know why he does this at night. My dry hands drive me crazy during the day). So last night I was SUPER tired (I had fallen asleep, yet again, on the couch in the basement) and he came to bed after showering (TMI?). He lays down and I immediately curl up next to him in anticipation of my night cuddles that put me to sleep. But then he turns over and starts doing his normal nightly routine. After a minute, I may have pouted a wee bit because I wanted cuddles, he starts paying attention to me. YES cuddle time, I thought. NOOOOOOO he wasn’t done. So I asked a question only normal people ask their husbands whislt they perform their nightly routine…

“I thought you were done being sideways!!!”

I thought this was a normal question to ask because he rolls over on his left side and is, in a sense, sideways to me.

Anyway, that may not seem funny to you but I thought it was humorous.

Good day ladies and gents!

Check out what else I am doing (Oblivion fanfiction) and what my awesome husband is working on (video game reviews)!


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