The Divergent Series-Book vs. Movie Review/Rant-Mostly rant


I am placing a spoiler alert at the beginning of this post because I just can’t help myself.


This isn’t going to include characters or anything like that but just give an overall view of the book/movie.

I read all three books before the movie adaptations, and I have read Divergent multiple times (it is my favorite).

The book to movie adaptation was actually really good. Surprisingly so considering the last two adaptations (wtf happened?). We are introduced to Beatrice *Tris* (Shailene Woodley) early on in the movie, her faction, and her family. We see her struggle with trying to understand why she is different and what leads to her ultimate decision to join the Dauntless faction. There we see her change as she grows into the woman she will eventually become and as she falls in love with the delicious Four (Theo James). The movie leaves out some important characters (mainly Uriah) which is frustrating and messes up the rest of the movie adaptations.

Overall the movie does the book justice. There are some changes like when her mom comes to see her at the Dauntless place (it doesn’t happen that way in the book) but that change I can live with. The reason this bit about Divergent is so short is because the other two adaptations have left me with the feeling that I watched a standalone movie and something that wasn’t even based on a book.

Although the credits claim that the movie was based on the book series by Veronica Roth, what it should really say is LOOSELY based on the book series… No kidding.

Onward and upward


Let’s be honest, if you read the book and then watched the movie you had more than one moment where your mouth was gaping wide open in a “whaaaa” look… I left the theater angry, livid is a better word. As a fan I was beyond disappointed to see one of my favorite series changed in a way that didn’t even feel like the same story.

Story line

Um, let’s see. In the book people you care about get shot and killed, people get betrayed even though they’re trying to be nice, and some real shit goes down. Remember the bridge bit? Or what about when Tris and the others climb over the ladder to get to the Erudite building? Remember when that one guy fell off the ladder and got killed? Oh you didn’t read the book? Never mind then.

Some important moments that happened in the book did not take place in the movie and it killed it. And what the hell is that box? What is any of that stuff supposed to be about? Where did that whole idea come from?


I believe drugs were involved in the making of this film

It is safe to say that the movie is vastly different from the book that it honestly felt like I was watching a movie not from the book.

The characters

Theo James’ acting is far superior to that of Shailene Woodley and it ruins the movie. Her acting is much like Nicholas Cage, same person over and over and over. Though that doesn’t mean that all of her acting skills in other movies (Fault in our Stars) it just isn’t what we needed in this series. She fit well in Divergent but didn’t grow with the character. Tris is a hardened soldier that has some breaks here and there due to all the trauma that has been dealt to her. She is a strong character that has seen some shit but we don’t see that in these last two films. I see a whiny little girl who doesn’t get her way. Instead of pulling strength from her pain like she does in the books, she allows it to cripple her in the movie. And again with the box… Just, why?

Now watch this:


This is what kicked off this whole post because I just got done watching it. I am honest when I say it has been a minute since I have read the book, however that is what the internet is for.

I have a hard time believing a movie is based on a book when, in two hours, it has 26 book to movie changes. Which means that the majority of the movie was changed… Does that give you much hope? IMDB gave the movie a 5.8/10 rating, Rotten Tomatoes (who I hate the majority of the time) gave it a 13%… A 13%.

images (2)

Whoever decided this was a good idea needs to lose their job

I honestly feel that Insurgent and Allegiant would be far better if they left out all of the CGI garbage and the techie stuff. It was unnecessary and takes away from the story. It is distracting.

With all of that aside the comparison between book and movie is just… awful. It isn’t even necessary for me to make this connection for you in sections like I usually do. It was all put on display for you in the second paragraph of this section. Literally. If you can’t decide how awful the movie is compared to the book, then you don’t get out much.

Every scene felt made up. I was turning to my husband every inch of the way and saying, “Yeah, that didn’t happen. And that didn’t happen, and that didn’t happen, and that didn’t happen.” I mean if you’re gonna take the base of a story and turn it into your own, why even bother naming it after the book? Why waste your time?

Continuing on. A bit of an aside but it has recently come to light that the next installment of the Divergent series won’t even make it to the big screen…. I will let that sink in for a moment. Meanwhile, go read that article here. HAHAHAHA! You plan to take the movie series that isn’t even based on the books anymore and turn it into a TV movie and then make a spinoff?? What spinoff? Who is okay with this?


I read one where the title says something about Divergent fans aren’t happy about the news. Read that here. I am a huge fan of the books. Huge. Like it is one of my top five favorite series. That’s why I am so mad that they completely dropped the ball on the movie. Do I care if it ends? Not really. I didn’t go see Allegiant on the big screen because I remembered how livid I was after watching Insurgent. I wasn’t going to waste my money on Allegiant much less Ascendant.

Ugh, and they’re wanting to make it into a TV show. Uh, have you seen The Mortal Instruments show? Come on people, let it go (not a reference to Frozen).


… and into the left field



A little advice to producers, directors, and whomever else, when you wanna make a movie off of a book make sure that you don’t create something unrecognizable by real fans.


Pissed off fan.


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